Hannah Goldstein

Production Accountant


Hannah Goldstein has been working in theatre since she first realized she could stage manage in high school. Her career in theatre management took her from stage management through a slightly convoluted path that led to working at Thompson Turner Productions, which she left to attend graduate school. During many (many, many) internships throughout undergrad and grad school, she realized that her love of theatre and her love of numbers were not mutually exclusive, and there was a place for her to make herself cozy in Excel spreadsheets.

Hannah earned a BA in Drama from Ithaca College, followed by an MFA in Theatre Management & Producing from Columbia University. Beyond theatre, she would love to say that she lives a robust life of hiking, travel, and outdoor adventures, but really she goes to see shows, binges Netflix, and (not so subtly) tries to make strangers’ dogs cross the street to say hi.